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BLT 2.4z

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BLT is an extension to the Tk toolkit, adding new widgets, geometry managers, and miscellaneous commands. It does not require any patching of the Tcl or Tk source files.

The BLT library adds the following commands to Tk:

  • table
    A table-based geometry manager for Tk. You specify the widget layout as row and column positions in the table. Has many options for constraining window resizing.
  • graph
    A X-Y graph widget. Plots two-variable data. Supports two sets of X and Y axes, inverted axes, custom axis layout.
  • barchart
    A barchart widget. Plots two-variable data using bars. Supports two sets of X and Y axes, inverted axes, custom axis layout.
  • vector
    Creates a vector of floating point values. The vector’s components can be manipulated in three ways: through a Tcl array variable, a Tcl command, or the C API.
  • spline
    Computes a spline fitting a set of data points (x and y vectors) and produces a vector of the interpolated images (y-coordinates) at a given set of x-coordinates.
  • busy
    For handling user-interaction when the application is “busy”. Manages an invisible “busy” window which prevents further user device (keyboard, mouse, button, etc.) interactions. Also provides a different cursor which supersedes application cursors.
  • bgexec
    Like Tcl’s “exec ... &”, but collects the output, error, and status of the detached UNIX subprocesses. Sets a Tcl variable upon completion. Can be used with “tkwait variable” to handle expose events, etc. while waiting for subprocesses to finish.
  • drag&drop
    Command which adds drag-n-drop capabilities to Tk. It provides “send”-style communication between drag-drop sources and targets. The result is a much more powerful drag-and-drop mechanism than is available with OpenLook or Motif.
  • htext
    A simple hypertext widget. Allows text and Tk widgets to be combined in a scroll-able text window. Any Tk widget can be embedded and used to form hyper-links. Other options allow for selections and text searches.
  • bitmap
    Command for creating and manipulating bitmaps from Tcl. Lets you read and write bitmaps from Tcl. Can also define X bitmaps and create bitmaps from text strings. Other options let you rotate and scale bitmaps.
  • winop
    Low-level Xlib calls let you raise, lower, map, or, unmap any window.
  • watch
    Lets you specify Tcl procedures to be run before and/or after every Tcl command. May be used for logging, tracing, profiling, or debugging or Tcl code.
  • bltdebug
    Prints out each Tcl command before it’s executed.

    BLT2.4z.tar.gz: The latest release BLT 2.4z.tar.gz works with Tk versions 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, and 8.4. Binary release are available for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.
    slides.pdf: Tutorial slides are available as PDF files. slides.pdf contains one slide per page.

    기존 BLT는 Stub 화가 되어 있지 않아 보통의 확장 패키지 처럼 auto_path 에 두어서는 사용할수가 없었습니다. 이런 문제를 해결하고자 보통은 Tcl/Tk 와 함께 컴파일을 하여 사용했습니다. 이런 문제를 해결한 패치 버전이 등장했습니다. 단 윈도우 전용이며, 다음의 문제가 해결이 되었습니다.

    BLT2.4z + blt2.4z-patch-2, Enabled Stub, Fixed [Bug 651993] patch win32 binary