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Torb 0.1

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Tcl과 CORBA의 인터페이스 패키지입니다.

This an ALPHA release of the software, viz. demonstration of concept and not advised for use in a real project. There are known to be many omissions; interfaces are almost guaranteed to change between versions; there's very little documentation, and what there is may be wrong.
All I can say is it worked for two trivial examples on my machine (GNU/linux-i386).

% load Torb
% set ior IOR:01f2ffbf13000...
% # Initialise the ORB
% torb init
% # Convert the IOR to an object reference
% set echo [torb string_to_object $ior]
% # Note torb_obj1 is the object reference within Tcl.  It's also been
% # defined as a command, though currently the only marginally useful
% # thing you can do with the command at the moment is:
% $echo _hash 1000000
% # That was exciting wasn't it?
% # Right, let's do the echoString call using the DII interface.
% # We tell it the types of in and out arguments, i.e. one string
% # input, outputs are an Object and a long.
% torb dii $echo echoString {0} {O l} "wibble"
torb_obj2 65
% # Note it's returned a list: first element is another object
% # reference, second is a long value.