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iVRS 1.09

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What is iVRS?

iVRS stands for interactive VRS and is a Tcl/Tk package that provides full access to 3D features of the Virtual Rendering System VRS. Using iVRS, Tcl/Tk applications do have access to the powerful scene graph and behavior graph of VRS and, in this way, can construct complex, interactive 3D scenes. With iVRS, most of VRS' functionality gets accessible within the scripting language Tcl. Using Tcl commands, you can instantiate VRS objects and call their respective methods. This has been achieved building wrapper classes, which convert method arguments between Tcl strings and C++ data types. The wrapper mechanism used to build iVRS includes:

  • Creating and deleting VRS objects
  • Calling public methods
  • Calling static methods
  • Handling of overloaded methods
  • Handling of polymorphic methods
  • Handling of operator methods
  • Handling of default parameters.

    The parameter conversion between C++ and Tcl handles the following types:

  • built-in data types (e.g. int, char, float, double, unsigned int, char* ...),
  • enumerations ( e.g. Light::ON),
  • OpenGL defines (e.g. GL_DST_COLOR),
  • Pointer to VRS classes,
  • Untyped pointers.

    Note: The iVRS wrappers rely exclusively on standard Tcl, that is, iVRS does not require object-oriented extensions for Tcl such as [incr Tcl], although this might be important for your Tcl code in general.

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