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Tix 8.2.0

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Tix, which stands for Tk Interface Extension, is an extension library for Tcl/Tk. Tix adds many new widgets , image types and other commands that allows you to create compelling Tcl/Tk-based GUI applications.
The following sample screen shows some widgets provided by Tix, such as such as Hierarchical Listbox, NoteBook and ComboBox . For a list of all the features in Tix, as well as how to use Tix in your applications, see the Tix Manual Index.

One advantage of Tix over other Tk widget libraries is many of the Tix core widgets are implemented in native code. This enhances performance and provides native look-and-feel for your applications.


# -*- mode: text; fill-column: 75; tab-width: 8; coding: iso-latin-1-unix -*-
# $Id: Release-8.2.0.txt,v 1.2 2002/01/24 09:12:08 idiscovery Exp $

        ---   Tix 8.2.0 Release Notes   ---


    We appreciate your help in testing Tix. Please follow these steps:

    + Read license.terms in this directory for licensing terms and
      a disclaimer of all liabilities
    + Read this document
    + Download Tix source release
    + Build Tix
    + Run the Tix regression test suite and demos
    + Install Tix (with care)
    + Build/run your local apps using Tix
    + Send us feedback


    For a full list of the changes, see ChangeLog.txt in the parent
    directory. Here's a list of the major changes and improvements:

    + Improved support for Tcl namespaces and Itcl
    + Revamped build system for Unix and Windows
    + You can now compile Tix using cygwin as well as VC++
    + Better support for native look-and-feel on Windows (incomplete)
    + Preliminary support for ::tk namespace using ExposePrivateCommand (tk8.4)
    + Some features have been deactivated and may be restored in
      future release:

      + Embedded TK (ET). See for the successor to ET.


    The sources to this release of Tix can be downloaded from

    You also need to download Tcl and Tk sources from


    Please read the files win/README.txt and unix/README.txt.

    Because of major changes in the build system, you may run into
    difficulties when building Tix. Do not despair. If you have
    questions, bug reports or, better yet, bug fixes, please send post
    them on


    Refer to the win/README.txt and unix/README.txt files for
    instructions. You just need to type "make test" and "make
    rundemos" in most cases.


    Refer to the win/README.txt and unix/README.txt files for


    Please send us feedback so that we know about the quality of this
    release. If it works fine, consider sending us a message such as
    "it works" and noting the versions of OS, Tcl/Tk and other
    relevant components. If you encounter problems, please let us know
    so that we can fix them. 

    Again, thank you for helping with Tix testing.