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Tclpasswd 0.3

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Tclpasswd - a tcl extension to manipulate passwords


Tclpasswd - a tcl extension to manipulate passwords

Author:  John Ellson  (

To make type:

      make install

The configure script will deduce $PREFIX from the tcl installation.
The generated Makefile uses the file $PREFIX/lib/ that was left by
the make of tcl for most of its configuration parameters.

The Makefile generates pkgIndex.tcl files that are compatible with
tcl7.6.   If you are using tcl7.5 then you will need to edit 
$PREFIX/lib/pkgIndex.tcl by hand.

     passwd clear_pass ?encrypted_pass?

     If    no encrypted pass is provided then the encrypted  version
     of    clear_pass is returned.

     If    encrypted_pass is provided then    passwd    returns     true  if
     the  clear_pass, when encrypted, matches the encrypted_pass,
     or    false otherwise.