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Tcl/Fltk 1.0.101

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The Fast Light Tool kit (Fltk) is a cross platform GUI development tool kit that implements its widget set using native GUI primitives on Windows and X Windows platforms, as well as others. The Fltk extension to the Tcl/Tk application development environment is a Tcl stubs based dynamically loadable extension that implements a set of bindings to the Fltk tool kit that allows the development of GUI based applications using the Tcl scripting language

The current implementation of the Fltk extension, version 0.4, is at a fairly advanced stage of development and is being released at this time to permit interested users to test the implementation and to both identify bugs and to suggest improvements. The current package is, however, stable and fairly extensive, and can be used to develop elaborate applications.

The Fltk extension is completely compatible with existing Tcl and Tk applications and any Tcl/Tk extension packages that are available or in use. Fltk widgets and commands co-exist with Tcl/Tk command sets. If desired, the Fltk command set can be consigned to a Tcl namespace so that no conflict with other packages occurs.