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Trf 2.1.3

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MinGW로 컴파일 되었습니다.
Trf는 암호화/복호화 패키지입니다.
지원 알고리즘은 아래를 참고하세요.

trf is an extension library to the script language tcl, as created by John Ousterhout. It extends the language at the C-level with so-called ``transformer''-procedures. With the help of some patches to the core the package is able to intercept all read/write operations on designated channels, thus giving it the ability to transform the buffer contents as desired. This allows things like transparent encryption, compression, charset recoding, etc. Build upon this framework (and as proof of concept) a collection of tcl-level commands was implemented, most of them related to cryptography. Additionally some binary data support is put in as well.