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TclReval 1.0.0

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간단히 얘기하자면.. 원격지에 데몬을 띄워놓고.. (데몬도 제공해줌.)
로컬에서 원격지의 tcl 인터프리터를 수행해서 결과를 받아오는 리모트 tcl eval 확장 패키지입니다.
일종의 Expect 같은 원격 자동화 패키지라 보시면 됩니다.


The TclReval project implements a remote evaluation mechanism for Tcl.

It provides an evaluation service (revald) and a client (reval). The
client takes care of sending a script to a remote service, and receives
back the evaluation result. Conversely, the service receives Tcl scripts
from clients, arranges for their evaluation and returns the evaluation
result to the client.

Please refer to the documentation for more detailed information, or
simply try the new distribution:

What's it good for
Well, anything that Tcl is good for, but where you:
- require the processing to take place on another host
- might want the result of that remote processing returned

A use case specifically related to software development is
cross-platform testing, where you are interested in the result of a
test script evaluated at a remote host (on another platform).

TclReval's support for asynchronous processing allows you to execute
multiple remote jobs in parallel.

Project home
The TclReval project is located at:

Besides offering distributions and documentation for download, it also
publishes the development tree as a mercurial repository.

Feedback and contributions
Feedback is much appreciated. Email can be sent to:
tclreval@ or e.leunissen@

Bug reports, patches and feature requests are also happily received
by the issue tracker at the above mentioned bitbucket project.

Licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0

Happy remoting,

Erik Leunissen
leunissen@ nl | Merge the left part of these two lines into one,
e. hccnet. | respecting a character's position in a line.

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