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Extral 2.0

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Extral is a generally useful library which extends Tcl with:

Extra list manipulation commands
Mathematical commands on whole lists
Extra string manipulation commands
Extra array manipulation commands
Command manipulation commands
Validation commands: isint, isdouble
Maps: store structured data in lists
Filing commands
Info commands
Date and time: extra commands for handling dates
atexit: execute commands when Tcl exits
tempfile: get names for temporary files
Convenience functions: various useful procs
ssort: enhanced lsort
The name comes from the fact that ExtraL originally only contained extra list processing commands to overcome some of the performance problems in Tcl when processing large lists. Later other commands were added. With the advent of the Tcl byte compiler, the performance is not such a great issue any longer, but I still find many of the list manipulation functions very convenient, and some of those that were now rewritten using the object system in C are still faster.
Most functions are now also available in Tcl-only form as well. Using the C code just gives a speedup.

  • Extral-Doc.tgz: Document
  • Extral-2.0.0.src.tar.gz: Source