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Slidedraw and SlideWidget

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Slidedraw is a slide presentation drawing program. Make your presentations shine! Written in Tcl/tk.

I have received some contributions from Charles N. Wyble. The newest snapshot (see below) is his.

My friend David Suarez de Lis has been kind enough to maintain a web page on this subject. Unfortunatelly, his page is down and now this page reverts to the status of Official Slidedraw page, at least till someone starts another. Any takers?

If you want to see SlideDraw's slides without the real thing, you can. Just rename your slide file, say slides.sld as slides.tar.gz. Then unzip/untar it and you will get several numbered files: 1, 2, 3,... Each of these files is just a script for the tcl/tk's canvas widget. Open a wish session, create a canvas with: pack [canvas .c -width 640 -height 480] ; set cv .c and source one of these files. A variable sld(background) will be set with background color as well. You may set the background with the command $cv config -bg $sld(background).

A new widget for tk I am writing to replace canvas in Slidedraw, getting more speed, zoom, backgrounds and other niceties. This is still very alpha, as nobody (except myself) have tried it yet. I would like to have at least some reports on how is it doing, please. Take it here.
Here is a screenshot of the test script with a 40 degrees rotated text, some pictures and lines. It's not very nice but give you an idea.