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TclMilter - Mail Filtering for Tcl with SendMail 0.9

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TclMilter is a package for Tcl (written in C) that implements an interface to SendMail's Milter (Mail Filter) API for developing custom scripted message rewriting and spam filtering processes. A thread-enabled Tcl build is required due to Milter's threading requirements. However, you can only run, configure, or register callbacks for a milter from the first thread/interpreter the package is loaded into. If you need to be able to stop the milter from within Tcl, you can load the package in another thread to do so. Only the "milter stop" command will function in secondary threads.

At this time, version 0.9 (first public release) is thought to be feature-complete, although documentation has not been written yet.

This extension is provided under the GNU General Public License (GPL) (see the file "license.terms" for details).