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tclpython 4.0

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홈페이지 :

Tcl에서 파이썬 코드를 실행가능케 하는 패키지입니다.

a Python package for Tcl:
This package allows the execution of Python code from a Tcl interpreter, as in:

package require tclpython 4
set interpreter [python::interp new]
$interpreter exec {print("Hello World")}
puts [$interpreter eval 3/2.0]
python::interp delete $interpreter

which outputs:

Hello World
  • libtclpython.dll: DLL for Windows, version 3.1, stubs-enabled, built with Tcl (ActiveTcl), VC++ .NET, ActivePython 2.3
  • tclpython-4.0.tar.gz: 소스
  • tclpython.htm: 문서