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A small Atom/RSS parser in Tcl 8.5+

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A small Atom/RSS parser in Tcl 8.5+. Requires tDOM.

Run bin/feedparser to test parsing of test/data/feeds/* files.

This is a more clean version of ancient parser shipped with pr2nntp (I don't like that program).

A basic usage of the API:

tcl::tm::path add /path/to/lib/files
package require feedparser

encoding system utf-8

set xml [feedparser::u::readXML "my/file.xml"]
set feed [feedparser::dom::parse $xml]

puts [$feed headline title]
puts [$feed entry 1 description]
puts [$feed entryWhole 1]

puts [$feed size]
puts [$feed headlines]
puts [$feed entries]

# if you don't need the parsing object anymore

$feed objDelete

To parse elements in a feed beyond subsets of rss/atom specs, the parser loads at startup some plugins (see lib/plugins directory). You can (relatively easily) add your own by using existing ones as examples.