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JTcl 2.5.0

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Java에서 사용 가능한 Tcl 인터프리터 입니다.
Java에서 사용 가능하도록 재구현 된 것으로 Tcl의 모든 기능을 지원하지는 않습니다.
Java의 GUI와 Tcl의 심플하면서도 강력한 인터프리터를 조합하여 사용하면 좋을것 같네요.

JTcl 2.5.0 has been released. This is a bug fix/performance release,
upgrading from previous versions is advised.

Notable fixes/improvements:

- Major performance improvement when reading stdin.
- Better caching of previously resolved classes when using the 'java'
- Fixed runtime exception when invalid 'format' specifier was encountered.
- Fixed line continuation parsing problems during Interp.eval() when the
string contained \r\n sequences.
- Fixed embedded Janino compiler that prevented 'hyde' and 'TJC' packages
from being able to compile on-the-fly with Java 7.
- Fixed 'exec' for env variables set but not passed to the sub-process.

Grab the latest at:


JTcl - Tcl Language Interpreter in Java

JTcl is an implementation of Tcl (Tool Command Language) written in Java.
JTcl implements a large extent of Tcl 8.4 syntax and commands, limited
only by API restrictions of the Java Virtual Machine. JTcl is based on
the Jacl interpreter (


JTcl requires a Java JVM 1.5 or higher (Java 1.6+ is recommended). You may
have to install Java if you don't already have it installed.

Download JTcl distribution from:

JTcl is distributed as a ZIP archive. Download the latest
jtcl-{version} file from the JTcl website, and unzip into a directory
of your choice.

Unix/Linux/Mac OSX shell script (`jtcl') and Windows batch file (`jtcl.bat')
are included. Unix/Linux/OSX users may want to make a symbolic link
in /usr/local/bin (or any other directory on your PATH of your choice):

sudo ln -s `pwd`/jtcl /usr/local/bin


JTcl is licensed under BSD-style licenses by various copyright holders. See
the license.* files in the binary distribution files, or review at:


JTcl uses the Mercurial distributed source code control system. Install
Mercurial using your OS distribution package manager or get executables
from the Mercurial site:

Browse JTcl source code:
Clone the JTcl repository: hg clone

Sources to released versions can also be downloaded from:

Download the jtcl-{version} file and unzip into a directory
of your choice.


Local documentation, which consists a copy of the the JTcl web site, can be
downloaded from:

Documenation is distributed as a ZIP archive, Download the latest
jtcl-{version} file from the JTcl website, and unzip into a directory
of your choice.


Please subscribe and use the JTcl mailing list for questions and to
share information. The JTcl Bug tracker should be used to
report bugs.

Mailing lists:
Bug reporting:

**The JTcl Team**
Tom Poindexter