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ztcl 1.0b4

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This file documents ZTCL version 1.0.4, a TCL binding to the ZLIB library. ZTCL provides access to the ZLIB compression and decompression functionalities, as long as the capability to read and write files in the .gz format, the one used by gzip.

ZTCL has been tested with ZLIB version 1.2.1 and TCL version 8.4. To compile ZTCL the library ( on UNIX-like systems) and the header file (zlib.h) must be installed.

ZTCL depends on TCLMORE: another extension to the TCL language. A version of TCLMORE must be installed on the system to use ZTCL; TCLMORE should be available on the Net from the same site of ZTCL. Version 0.7 is required.

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