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Swank 2.1.3

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홈페이지 :

Swank is a graphical user interface toolkit implemented entirely in JAVAtm. Swank provides the companion to Jacl, the Tcl interpreter implemented in JAVAtm. Thus, Jacl/Swank forms the analogous pair to Tcl/Tk and can be used to rapidly script user interfaces.

The goal of the design of Swank is to provide a toolkit that will be familiar to Tk users, provide a reasonable level of backwards compatibility with Tk, and provide access to the generally greater, as compared to Tk, feature level of the Swing components.

At this point Swank is quite useful, but users should be aware of the following.

  • While simillar to Tk, Swank is definately not the same.
  • Significant refactoring of the API is planned, so users working at the Java level, rather than through scripts are advised to contact the developer of Swank before embarking on major projects..
  • Documentation is minimal, but this is an area of active development.
  • Developers are welcomed to contribute to the project.
  • swank2_1_3.tar.gz: Compressed tar file (best for Linux/Unix/Mac OS X)
  • Zip file (best for Windows)