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SimpleDevLib 1.0

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The Simple Development Library (SimpleDevLib) is a collection of packages and utilities aimed towards assisting software development in Tcl, the great language designed by John Ousterhout, and [incr Tcl], the popular object oriented extension to Tcl.

SimpleDevLib provides essential elements for good software engineering and/or medium to big projects development, such as a framework for regression testing, homogeneous, easily parseable, fully introspectable code organization, a type system, a framework for regression testing and object orientation.

SimpleDevLib is written in pure Tcl itself, so that no compilation is needed to run it on Unix, Windows or Macintosh environments.

SimpleDevLib is distributed under the BSD license. In essence, this license allows you to do whatever you want with the software provided the copyright notices are left untouched.

For a thorough, but concise, introduction to The Simple Development Library, the reader is referred to The Simple Development Library white paper.

SimpleDevLib is structured as a set of packages, providing a differentiated functionality each. The list of packages is the following:

SimpleBase: the Simple Development Library base package.
SimpleError: error handling.
SimplePackage: packages handling.
SimpleNamespace: namespaces and qualified names related utilities.
SimpleSubcommand: subcommand procedures handling.
SimpleType: types handling.
SimpleVariable: typed variables handling.
SimpleProc: procedures with extended argument syntax handling.
SimpleDeclare: packages and procedures declaration.
SimpleClass: [incr Tcl] classes declaration.
SimpleOption: command line options parser.
SimpleProgram: program declaration.
SimpleTest: regression testing framework.
SimpleFile: file handling.

SimpleDevLib also contains a number of utilities as follows:

simpletest: the Simple Development Library regression testing tool.
simpledependencies: the Simple Development Library package dependencies finder.
simpleexplainerror: the Simple Development Library error explanation.