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Plain text icon a2ps.tcl-test.txt20.45 KB
Plain text icon prntcanv.tcl-test.txt22.1 KB
Plain text icon prntproc.tcl.txt10.19 KB
Plain text icon prnttest.tcl-test.txt9.15 KB
Package icon prnt847.zip91.26 KB

홈페이지 :

Windows printer interface and utilities.

  • prnttest.tcl-test.txt: Simple UI to print canvas contents. Requires prntcanv.tcl in current directory
  • prntcanv.tcl-test.txt: Simple proc to print a canvas to ANY windows printer (Thanks to John Blattner for original code)
  • a2ps.tcl-test.txt: a2ps-like text processor for ANY windows printer
  • prntproc.tcl.txt: Sample procs for text file printing
  • Win32 Binary