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Tcl and Java Integration

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이 문서는 Tcl와 JAVA의 통합 프로그래밍에 사용되는 패키지인 java 에 관련된 문서입니다.

This paper describes the motivations and strategies behind our group’s efforts to integrate the Tcl and Java programming languages. From the Java perspective, we wish to create a powerful scripting solution for Java applications and operating environments. From the Tcl perspective, we want to allow for cross-platform Tcl extensions and leverage the useful
features and user community Java has to offer. We are specifically focusing on Java tasks like Java Bean manipulation, where a scripting solution is preferable to using straight Java code. Our goal is to create a synergy between Tcl and Java, similar to that of Visual Basic and Visual C++ on the Microsoft desktop, which makes both languages more
powerful together than they are individually.

1 Introduction
In the simplest of terms, the goal of our project is to make Tcl the scripting language for the JavaÔ platform. We envision a dual language architecture where Tcl and Java work together in a seamless way. Tcl and Java are very well suited for this integration. In fact, both languages share many of the same design goals such as platform independence and the ability to run untrusted code. This white paper points out many of the reasons why Tcland Java integration will make both languages more powerful. Despite the languages shared philosophies, it is important to note that these two languages have historically had very different uses. The Tcl[1] scripting language is a classic scripting language, ideal for embedding into other applications. Tcl started out in the UNIXÒ world as a way to easily create tools with a command line interface. Tcl was first introduced in 1990 by its creator, John Ousterhout, a professor at U.C. Berkeley. In 1994, the Tcl project moved from Berkeley to Sun Microsystems Laboratories where ports to the Macintosh and Windows platforms were started. The goal was to make Tcl a cross-platform scripting language. Today, with some 500,000 users, Tcl is one of the most popular cross-platform scripting languages.