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Tcl Windows API (TWAPI) 4.0.61

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Tcl Windows API (TWAPI) 4.0.61

This is the official release of TWAPI 4.0.

Project home page is at
V4.0 documentation is at
Supported platforms

TWAPI 4.0 requires

Windows XP (32-bit only) or later (32- or 64- bit)
Tcl 8.5 or 8.6 (32- or 64-bit)
Changes since 3.1.17

Major changes in this release are support for Windows event tracing, new Windows event logging formats, SSL/TLS channels, certificate management and verification, access to performance counters, enhancements to the COM module and architectural changes for modularity and run-time performance.

For a complete list, including INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES, see


TWAPI is distributed in multiple formats. See for the details and the pros and cons of each format.

TWAPI Summary

The Tcl Windows API (TWAPI) extension provides access to over 600 functions in the Windows API from within the Tcl scripting language.

Functions in the following areas are implemented:

System functions including OS and CPU information, shutdown and message formatting
User and group management
COM client support
Security and resource access control
Window management
User input: generate key/mouse input and hotkeys
Basic sound playback functions
Windows services
Windows event log access
Windows event tracing
Process and thread management
Directory change monitoring
Lan Manager and file and print shares
Drive information, file system types etc.
Network configuration and statistics
Network connection monitoring and control
Named pipes
Clipboard access
Taskbar icons and notifications
Console mode functions
Window stations and desktops
Task scheduling
Shell functions
Windows Installer
Power management
Device I/O and management
Crypto API and certificates
Windows Performance Counters

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