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Ttk file selection dialog

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ttk를 이용하여 파일 선택 대화상자를 재구현한 패키지입니다.

The file selection dialogs on windows and mac use native dialogs. Only on unix-like platforms a very simple scripted dialog is used. This project was started to provide a better looking dialog for those platforms.

After a while people started to use this dialog on windows as well because of some of the features it provides.


Show directories in a separate pane or mixed-in with the files
Optionally show details of the files (size, modification time, etc.)
Show or hide hidden files
Sort the files by name, date, or size
The user can interactively control the features mentioned above
Select a directory using the file selection dialog
Available commands

ttk::getAppendFile (obsoleted by the -confirmoverwrite option)

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