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AndroWish "Groundhog Day"

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전부터 알고는 있었지만.. 정보 공유 차원에서 소개 합니다.

안드로이드용 Tcl/Tk 최신 버전 "Groundhog Day" 입니다.

This release adds expect 5.45.2 and support for joysticks/game controllers to [AndroWish]. Many packages are updated: SQLite including the ICU extension, nsf 2.0.0, tkimg 1.4.3, tls 1.6.4, trofs 0.4.8, and tklib to its latest upstream version. Some bugs in the X11 emulation are fixed: listbox selection, font metrics, dashed lines, various crashes. The built in ZIP file system is improved and fixes long standing issues with glob -directory.

안정적인지는 모르겠지만.. Tcl/Tk로 안드로이드 어플을 만들날이 멀지 않았습니다..

Source code (tarball) androwish-4a51e4216d37869e.tar.gz
Source code (ZIP)
Android package, signed with a debug key androWish-4a51e4216d37869e-debug.apk