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AggTk 0.1

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AggTk is a new widget for high-quality vectorial graphics based on Antigrain Geometry ( ). AggTk provides a sort of direct-draw canvas (contrary to the retained-mode provided by tk-canvas) and is able to draw primitives and even images with partial-transparency, anti-aliasing and sub-pixel accuracy.

checkout last stable release from SourceForge

아래는 직접 테스트해본 MinGW를 사용한 컴파일 방법입니다.

% cd AggDevKit-0.1/Agg
% make

% cd AggDevKit-0.1/Agg/font_win32_tt
% g++ -c agg_font_win32_tt.cpp -I../include

% cd TkPixUtil/src
% /c/swigwin-3.0.2/swig.exe -c++ -tcl8 -prefix tkPix -namespace TkPixUtil.i
g++ -shared -o TkPixUtil.dll TkPixUtil_wrap.cxx
-I../../../tcl-8.5.11/release/win64/include -fpermissive -L../../../tcl-8.5.11/release/win64/lib -ltcl85 -ltk85 -lgdi32

% cd AggDevKit-0.1/AggKit/src
% g++ -c AggKit.cpp -I../../Agg/include -I../../Agg/font_win32_tt
% ar r ../lib/libAggKit.a AggKit.o

% cd AggDevKit-0.1/AggTcl/src
% /c/swigwin-3.0.2/swig.exe -c++ -tcl8 -prefix Agg -namespace -IswigFix AggKit.i
% g++ -shared -o AggTcl.dll AggKit_wrap.cxx -I../../../tcl-8.5.11/release/win64/include -I../../AggKit/src -I../../Agg/include -I../../Agg/font_win32_tt -L../../tcl-8.5.11/release/win64/lib -L../../Agg/src/ -L../../AggKit/lib -ltcl85 -ltk85 -lAggKit -lagg ../../Agg/font_win32_tt/agg_font_win32_tt.o -lgdi32