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ODIE 1.3

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  • serial: RS-232 or RS-422 Serial ports
  • parallel: Centronics(tm) style parallel ports
  • usb: Universal Serial Bus
  • adb: Apple Desktop Bus
  • scsi: Small Computer Simple Interface
  • ps2: IBM PS/2 Style interface ports
    Quick Guide:
    The serial extension is part of a larger package I have deemed ODIE,
    the Open Development and Integration Environment. It comes with a
    real-time task switcher and a matrix routine library.
    To use the serial ports, download the odie library and place it in the
    "Tool Command Language" folder inside your extension folder. Inside
    your script call:
    "package require Odie"
    to load the package.
    Once it's loaded you use the "device open" command to actually open the
    port. Once it is open, it is handled like any other tcl channel. Use
    puts and gets to send and recieve. Baud, stop bits, data bits, etc are
    adjusted with the "fconfigure" command.
    Valid ports:
    modem - The modem port
    printer - The printer port
    pbmodem - Internal modem card on powerbook computers
    com1 - ?? RS-232 port (I DON'T KNOW)
    com2 - ?? RS-232 port (I DON'T KNOW)
    package require Odie
    >> 1.0
    device open modem
    >> serial0
    fconfigure serial0 -blocking 0 -buffering line -baud 9600 -databits 8
    -stopbits 2.0 
    puts serial0 "I am the very model of a modern Major General"
    gets serial0
    >>With information animal and vegetable and mineral
    fconfigure serial0 -readable {puts "serial0: [gets serial0]"}
    >>serial0: I know the kings of england and quote the fights historical
    >>serial0: From marathon to waterloo in order catagorical...
    close serial0
    Odie is a cross platform set of tools needed for managing real-time 
    simulation and hardware control within Tcl. Binary packages for 
    the Macintosh, Win32 and Linux platforms are available. 
    Lately I have been adapting Odie to another real-time system problem: 
    web servers. In fact this pages is displayed using Odie technology. 
    Components of ODIE
    The device command maps hardware ports to Tcl Channels. 
    The process command creates a real-time task switching 
    mechanism for use in both C libraries and Tcl scripts. 
    (Note: this is a single thread implementation.) 
    (With the advent of the Thread package for Tcl, this is being depricated.) 
    The matrix and mexpr commands creates a powerful matrix manipulation suite. 
    The ygg command is a tcl interface to a molecular database engine, 
    yggdrasil. Yggdrasil provides a central data resource data accessable 
    from all interpreters and procedures within an application. 
    It transparently maps 
    it's structure into the tcl global namespace, simplifying the 
    process of accessing and changing data, while providing structure. 
    The structure of 
    the yggdrasil can be queried in real time, through C or script.
  • Source code for all platforms Metrowerks Project File (for Mac/Win) Autoconf make system (For *nix) Compressed in WinZip format
  • DLL Package for Windows 95/98/NT. Odie v1.2.2 DLL (for tcl 8.0) Odie v1.3.0 DLL (for tcl 8.3) pkgIndex.tcl
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