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mplayer TCL for linux 0.1.0

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홈페이지 :

MPlayerTcl allows to play movie file in linux tcl/tk application.
MPlayerTcl uses MPlayer, to load on :

Example tcl/tk script code, using MPlayerTcl :

#!/usr/bin/wish -f 

package require MPlayerTcl 

media  .m    -dvd 1   -width 160    -height 120     -scale 3 
pack     .m    -expand yes -fill both

See Also : proptest.tcl include in package.

Movie command description, on media.html
Convert a XanimTcl script to MPLayerTcl script is easy, see here

Install MPlayerTcl package :

# tar     -xvzf     mplayertcl-X.X.X.tar.gz 
# cd     mplayertcl/generic 
# make ; make install
  • mplayertcl-0.1.rh8pre.tgz: mplayertcl-0.1.rh8pre.tgz by Leonid
  • MPlayerTcl-0.1.0.tar.gz: mplayertcl-0.1.0.tar.gz