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QuickTime for Tcl/Tk on Macintosh and Windows 3.0

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QuickTime for Tcl/Tk on Macintosh and Windows

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This is a so called extension to the Tcl/Tk scripting language that provides simple bindings to QuickTime on the Macintosh and Windows. With just a few lines of code you get access to the main parts in QuickTime, and can do amazing things without writing any C code. Every window you see above are made in Tcl/Tk. The Tcl/Tk language is fairly complete so you can start writing your own applications. The main features of this package are:
Simple playback of audio and video in a movie widget; for instance, play mp3, view VR panoramas, most video and sound formats, streaming live content from a broadcaster, shockwave/flash, etc. Remote (URL) connections can be made asynchronously.
A sequence grabber widget that previews and captures video and audio from an external source, such as a web camera or a DV video camera, via the serial port, USB, or FireWire.
Editing commands, such as cut, copy and paste, both on complete movies and down to individual tracks. Video effects through dialogs.
Versatile methods for making movies from individual images, supporting sequence compression, usage of all appropriate QT codecs, compression levels, key frame rate etc.
All available video effects in a single line of code.
Exporting to a number of audio/video formats via dialogs.
Most still image formats are supported implicitly by QuickTimeTcl but via Tk's own image widget.
...and many more things. The package is completely integrated into Tcl/Tk so you can use a movie widget just as any Tk widget.

  • QuickTimeTcl-3.0MacOS89.sit: Macintosh Classic (8 and 9)
  • QuickTimeTclMacOSX-3.1a1.dmg: Mac OS X
  • Windows