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INIparse 1.4

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This is the *.ini file parser/creator in Tcl.


V1.4 requires to call iniparse:open and ini file before reading/writing, and requires to call iniparse:close to close the file, or iniparse:flush to flush memory to file. This version doesn't make modifications directly on file, but on memory, so it doesn't rewrite the *whole* file 10 times, if you write 10 items. This version is NOT backwards compatible!
Contains an installer under *nix systems. (Thanks to Djsmoke and Infernix)
Now, you can get the items under a key, by not giving the item parameter to readini procedure. (Thanks to T.Wood)
Now uses Windows-Style ini files. (Thanks to Djsmoke for editing) (in version 1.3)
Added renameini function. (in version 1.2)
Added removeini function to iniparse. (Thanks to Djsmoke)

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