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f/Calc for Tcl/Tk

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f/Calc is a calculator for photographic formulas. These formulas are at the heart of many interesting questions about the technical side of photography. You could compute these functions by hand, but they range from tedious to difficult, even with a good scientific calculator. When you let f/Calc do the hard work, you gain an intuitive feel for what the results mean, because you can quickly try new input values to see how they affect the result.

f/Calc for Tcl/Tk
The Tcl/Tk version was developed and tested on a Linux 2.2 system running Tcl/Tk 8.0.5. It is known to run on some version of Solaris or another, but the author has not personally tested this. Tcl being Tcl, though, it should run just fine on any Unix flavor that can run Tcl.

f/Calc for Tcl/Tk runs on Windows, too, but the Windows Tix port is weak, so it behaves a bit strangely and has some drawing bugs.

Tix isn't ported to Macintosh, so although Tcl/Tk is available for the Mac, f/Calc won't run.

Inside the package there's a README file which will tell you how to install the program. This version of f/Calc requires Tcl/Tk version 8.0 and Tix version 4.0; it may run with higher versions, but this has not been tested. For online help to work, you will also need a web browser. The program comes set up for Netscape and works best with it, but you can change this. You can also read the program's help files online.