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CWind 1.4

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어플리케이션 자동화 테스트 패키지 'CWind' 1.4 입니다.


To install all the files included in this extension, run "install.tcl"
To use this extension, use the command "package require cwind"


Changes with CWind 1.4

  • Add mouse event.
  • Add installer

    Changes with CWind 1.3.1

  • Fix bug about ::cwind::putcb.
  • Fix compile problems with VC5 english version.

    Changes with CWind 1.3

  • Add ::cwind::sendmessage command.
  • Add ::cwind::postmessage command.
  • Fix bug about ::cwind::send.
  • Change to glob pattern matching.
  • Add install.tcl
  • Version1.4 Source
  • Version1.4 Binary