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Mysund 1.00

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홈페이지 :

Mysund는 순수 Tcl/Tk로 만든 윈도우즈와 비슷한 MDI를 Tcl/Tk에서 구현해 주는 패키지입니다.
MDI는 Multiple Document Interface의 약자로, 하나의 프레임에서 여러개의 윈도우를 띄우는 기술을 말합니다.
그와 반대 되는 기술은 SDI로 Single Document Interface가 있습니다.
Tcl/Tk 8.1 이상을 지원합니다.

Mysund_MDI Ver. 1.00.1 for win95/NT:
A MDI like you see it in Win95/NT Its easy and extensible. 
The demonstration test.tcl in this package will show you 
how to use Mysund_MDI This second release is made for Tcl/Tk 8.1
It works with verry little modification on UNIX and Linux.

About Mysund Scripts

Mysund Scripts is a growing number of Tcl/Tk packages, that primarily, 
right now, is made for win95. The name Mysund was chosen because 
of the geografic placement within Copenhagen where Mysund's headquater 
is placed. The founder, lead and only programmer at Mysund, 
has accidentally stumbled over the programming language Tcl/Tk, 
and has devoted a lot of time into learning, developing and promoting Tcl/Tk.
Mysund Scripts is, until now, a noncomercial company, but with the 
increasing global interest for Tcl/Tk, i'm ready to take on projects 
in Tcl/Tk. My primary force is in the Tk area such as GUI's and 
prototype GUI. As an example my first product is a Mutiple Document 
Interface (MDI) in the Win95 style. To try it out you have to install 
the Tcl/Tk 8.1 package that is downloadable from

What is comming up?
Right now the prime project is an IDE for Tcl/Tk, that integrates an 
"easy programming project management".
This include:
  1.) MDI/GUI interface 
  2.) A more graphically and structured representation of source-files for better overview 
  3.) socket based communication with separated interpreter-processes (to deal with anoying crashes)
  4.) what else one could ask for