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ParseTools 0.2

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ParseTools is both a C extension library to the script language tcl and a script library written in tcl itself. It provides:

  • Commands to build, query and manipulate abstract syntax trees.
  • A command lifting the tokenization of scripts into the script level itself. This part resides in the C extension and makes use of the parsing functionality as exported by the tcl core through its stub table.
  • Commands to convert syntax trees into other representations (nested lists, XML).
  • Commands to convert scripts into syntax trees (with tokens as intermediate step) and to transform them in basic ways (redundancy removal, deeper parsing of bracket commands, enhancing the structure of the tree, ...).
  • ptools0.2.tar.gz: Sources, Unix
  • ptools0.2.tar.bz2: Sources, Unix, bzip compressed
  • ptools0.2.doc.tar.gz: Standalone documentation, Unix
  • Sources, Win*