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Pad++ 0.9 : Zoomable User Interfaces

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Pad++ Version 0.9

We are exploring Zooming User Interfaces (ZUIs)
where zooming is a fundamental part of the user's interaction
with the computer (also known as multiscale interfaces).

솔라리스7 에서의 컴파일 방법

Compiling pad-0.9p5 on Solaris 7

pad-0.9p5.tar (tcl version) requires gnu make, perl, tcl, tk, jpeg, and gnu cc.
It compiled successfully using the following packages,


which were available from a sun contractor providing freeware

As root, install the packages.

    pkgtran whatever-local .
    pkgadd -d .

Copy tclRegexp.h from the tcl source to /usr/local/include.

Add /usr/local/bin to your and root's path.

If /usr/openwin/bin is in your path, then remove it temporarily,
because it causes configure to find X includes in /usr/openwin/include.
Yes, you'd expect that to be okay, but it isn't.  Compilation fails.

Then cd pad-0.9p5/unix, configure, gmake, and gmake install.
Only the install needs to be performed as root.

Add /usr/local/lib to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Ron Stanonik
Wed Oct  4 13:34:26 PDT 2000

ps. To compile on RedHat, just configure, gmake, and gmake install.

The configure script looks first in ../.. for a jpeg directory,
then in /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib for libjpeg.a and
If it finds a jpeg directory containing libjpeg.*, it assumes it has
found the location of the jpeg library.  If it is wrong, then it
will compile WITHOUT jpeg support, and attempts to import jpegs will
silently fail.

Started with pad-0.9p2
pad-0.9p3 - minor changes to compile on Redhat 6.0.
pad-0.9p4 - minor changes to compile on Solaris 7.
pad-0.9p5 - fix bugs related to moving buttons or group'ed ovals
  • pad-0.9p5-src.tar.gz: Source Code / Compiling requires Perl, Tcl/Tk, GNU make, GNU cc, and the JPEG library. / Redhat: Source is included with the binary tars. / Solaris 7 (Tcl/Tk 8.0)
  • pad-0.9p5-3.tar.gz: If you don't want to install into /usr/local (don't have room?), then use one of these tars and follow the instructions for Solaris 7. / By the way, these tars include the source. Redhat 7 (Tcl/Tk 8.3)
  • pad-0.9p5-1.i386.rpm: Pre-compiled binaries: / RPM's which install into /usr/local. Redhat 6 (Tcl/Tk 8.0)
  • pad-0.9p5-3.i386.rpm: Pre-compiled binaries: / RPM's which install into /usr/local. Redhat 7 (Tcl/Tk 8.3)