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홈페이지 :

George Peter Staplin `ve written a Tk_Theme extension that provides two new widgets designed for themes.
The widgets are theme:frame and theme:label.
They act in much the same way as Tk`s frame and label widgets.
It requires Tcl/Tk 8.3 and X.

Copyright 2002 George Peter Staplin

    o Requirements

    Tcl/Tk >= 8.3
    X Window System
    C compiler (gcc works)

    o Setup

    Invoke `tclsh8.3 configure`
    Run make
    You may need to modify the generated
    makefile if it doesn't build, but most
    people should not need to.
    Now you can run ./extension_test.tcl

    Alternatively if your system has issues with
    loading shared libraries then you can try the
    test target with make test, which will create
    a test executable that can be run with ./test

    kdesystray.tcl is an example of using theme:frame
    to embed a window into the KDE system tray.

    o Usage

    See main.tcl

    o Bugs

    Please report any problems to

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