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Gnocl 0.5.15 (Gnome + Tcl)

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gnocl is a GTK+ and Gnome extension for the programming language Tcl.
It provides easy to use commands to build quickly GTK+ / Gnome compliant applications including canvas widget, GConf and drag and drop.
It consists of several libraries: one for GTK widgets, one for the Gnome canvas widget and one for the GConf database.

package require Gnocl
# create submenu for menu "File" with standard items "New" and
# "Quit" (text, icon and accelerator). 'N', 'Q' respectively,
# are underlined and are used as mnemonics.
set menu [gnocl::menu]
$menu add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%#New" -tooltip "Make new"
      -onClicked {puts "That's new"}]
$menu add [gnocl::menuSeparator]
$menu add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%#Quit" -onClicked exit
      -tooltip "Quit program"]

# create menu "File", 'F' is underlined and used as mnemonic

set file [gnocl::menuItem -text "%__File" -submenu $menu]

# create menu "Help" with item "About"

set menu [gnocl::menu]
$menu add [gnocl::menuItem -text "%__About"
      -tooltip "Show about dialog"
      -onClicked {puts "Mini example (c) 2001 - 2003 P.G. Baum"}]
set help [gnocl::menuItem -text "%__Help" -submenu $menu]

# create toolbar with standard items "Quit" and "New"

set toolBar [gnocl::toolBar -style both]
$toolBar add item -text "%#Quit" -tooltip "Tooltip Quit"
      -onClicked exit
$toolBar add space
$toolBar add item -text "%#New" -tooltip "Tooltip new"
      -onClicked {puts "That's new"}

# create GTK+ application with menu, toolBar, statusbar

# and a label as main widget
set box [gnocl::box -orientation vertical -borderWidth 0 -spacing 0]
set win [gnocl::window -child $box -title "Test Application"]
$box add [gnocl::menuBar -children [list $file $help]]
$box add $toolBar
$box add [gnocl::label -text
      {%<<span foreground="blue" size="large">Hello</span>
      <span foreground="red" size="large">World</span>}] -expand 1
$box add [gnocl::statusBar]

# enter GTK+ main loop