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ClassyTcl 1.0.0

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홈페이지 :

ClassyTcl is a dynamically loadable object system for Tcl.
A Tcl-only as well as a C implementation is available.
It also doesn't require patches to the Tcl core, so keeping up with new releases should be easy.
Performance is very adequate.
The C version is gives extra speed, and makes it possible to implement some methods in C.
In contrast to other Tcl object systems for Tcl, it is not modeled after the object system designed for a completely different language such a C.
IMHO, it better follows the Tcl philosophy. The system is simple, but flexible.
Classes and objects are dynamic, and can easily be queried, changed and debugged at runtime.

  • ClassyTk-1.0.0.src.tar.gz
  • ClassyTcl-1.0.0.src.tar.gz
  • ClassyTk1.0.exe: binary distribution / ClassyTk1.0.exe also includes Extral and Classytcl