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Sockspy 2.5

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Sockspy lets you watch the conversation of a Tcp client and server. Sockspy acts much like a gateway: it waits for a Tcp connection, then connects to the real server. Data from the client is passed onto the server, and data from the server is passed onto the client.

Along the way, the data streams are also displayed in text widget with data sent from the client displayed in green, data from the server in blue and connection metadata in red. The data can be displayed as printable ASCII strings, or as a hex dump format of both hex and printable characters.

Why might you want to use Sockspy? Debugging Tcp client/server programs, examining protocols and diagnosing network problems are top candidates. Perhaps you just want to figure out how somethings work. It's not a replacement for heavy duty tools such as 'tcpdump' and other passive packet sniffers. On the other hand, Sockspy doesn't require any special priviledges to run (unless of course, you try to listen on a Unix reserved Tcp port less than 1024.)


All the example use the command-line interface. The GUI interface is identical except that you must specify the connection parameters in the dialog the pops up when Sockspy starts.

HTTP: To watch the HTTP protocol traffic to a particular web server: 
    $ sockspy 8000 80

    then with your browser, use a url of:

Using this method, you will have to start a new Sockspy for each 
HTTP host you access. If you normally run an HTTP proxy, start 
sockspy 8000 webproxyhost 80 and just set your browser's proxy to 
use the Sockspy host and port.

Telnet: To watch your Telnet session to 'otherhost': 
    $ sockspy 2000 otherhost 23
    $ telnet localhost 2000

Database connectivity (Sybase example) 
    Define an 'interfaces' entry for Sockspy:

            query tcp ether dbserv 5000
            master tcp ether dbserv 5000

            query tcp ether sockspyhost 5500
            master tcp ether sockspyhost 5500

    $ sockspy 5500 dbserv 5000
    $ isql -SSPY